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Shop Fabrication & Modular Assembly Services

Serving Western Canada

GMC Contractors Ltd. provides a variety of shop fabrication & module assembly services for western Canada. Our services include, but are not limited to, piping spools, pipe supports, platforms, and modularized or skidded equipment services.

Offsite Module Assembly

We offer offsite module assembly in a secure space. The gravelled and fenced yard located in Edmonton and Sherwood Park provides ample space for concurrent module construction. Fabrication facility which specializes in pipe spooling and hydro-testing, along with structural steel shapes and sizes

Highest Quality Workmanship

GMC Contractors understands the need for total commitment to the highest quality of workmanship and the completion of projects within schedule. Through our in-house computer facilities, we are able to provide the latest and most up-to-date techniques to support and enhance our facility construction services, providing high efficiency and tight control on all aspects of projects.

Group Separator Module – Shop Fabrication

Services We Offer

As an additional service provided to the oil and gas industry to compliment our facility construction services, we offer shop fabrication and modular assembly services but are not limited to the following.

Piping Spools
Pipe Supports
Modularized or Skidded Equipment

Professional Service

We are Professional

At GMC we are an experienced team of management professionals with hands on experience in the oil and gas field.

We are Experienced

GMC Contractors Ltd. has networked a core of experienced tradesmen and labour in all phases of construction.

We are Trusted

We pride ourselves on the relationships we have established, knowing each contract is a referral to our future business.

Uphold High Standards

The foundation of our business is quality, safety and protection of our environment. We are committed to the highest quality of workmanship.

The Management of GMC Contractors endorses a strong and active Safety Program. Establishing a positive attitude toward safety encourages employee participation in the Safety Program. Employee feedback is essential and is monitored to ensure that the program is effective and relevant. We encourage every employee to be aware of his own safety and that of his fellow workers. Each employee must uphold the safety standards training in the oil and gas sector on a yearly basis. To find out more please visit our Safety Page

Our in-house Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) procedures and manuals for ANSI/ASME B31.1 and B31.3 are registered with the Department of Labour Boiler Branch. Upon project completion, the owner will receive the completed quality control package with all quality assurance documentation set out in the test and inspection plan.

At GMC Contractors Ltd. we are prepared to submit the following types of contracts that will be the most beneficial to our client.
􀂃 Fixed Price
􀂃 Cost Plus
􀂃 Target Price
􀂃 Lump Sum
􀂃 Force Account
􀂃 Unit Prices