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General, Mechanical & Civil (GMC) Contractors Ltd. is an energetic group of hands-on management dedicating themselves to the consistent and cost-effective satisfaction of our clientele. Above all, by conducting our business with honesty, integrity and professionalism. A flexible group of personnel to guarantee all resources (personnel, material and equipment) are to meet the satisfaction and requirement of the projects and customers. That the foundation of our business is quality, safety and protection of our environment.

We regard our clients as our most valuable asset. We look at each project, as the start of an ongoing relationship. Furthermore, having a common goal: each project as an addition to our brochure, and each contract as a referral to our future business. To achieve this goal our professional approach to business initiates with good relationships and never stops.

We also understand the need for total commitment to the highest quality of workmanship and completion of projects within schedule. In addition, the practice of cost-effective construction, contracting, and management techniques. In conclusion, we wish to further confirm GMC Contractors Ltd.’s capability to construct your project to the highest quality of workmanship at a competitive overall project cost.


Expanding To Better Serve Our Clients
General, Mechanical & Civil (GMC) Contractors Ltd. has opened a second shop and consolidations of the modular yard are in Fort Saskatchewan. Continuing to service the oil and gas industry’s upstream construction needs in Western Canada.
GMC Contractors Building
GMC Contractors Building in Edmonton
Shop 2 GMC Contractors
Assembly yard GMC Contractors

GMC Contractors History

  • 1993

    Humble Beginnings

    General Mechanical and Civil Contractors Ltd. was founded by a group of individuals with over 10 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. In addition these individuals were project managers, construction managers, estimating managers, and quality control managers.

  • 1995

    Experienced Team

    Further more the progression and desire to move forward with our experience as tradesman to construction and project management was to better service our clients. Most importantly with careers including extensive experience in all aspects of industrial construction from conception, to design, to seeing the project through to completion.

  • 1994

    Expanding our Borders

    As a result, of a growing business, we extended our oil and gas industry services to include Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Therefore have extensive experience working in remote locations all across Western Canada.

  • 1999

    Building a Better Future

    The new shop was built to accommodate our office in addition to the fabrication shop. This is our location today. The shop was built to include oil and gas equipment packaging, where we include structural fabrication, piping fabrication and equipment assembly for skidded units.

  • 2005

    Expanding Our Markets

    Meanwhile, GMC Contractors acquired additional land. With the growing demand for services in the modular fabrication and assembly sector, . In addition this allowed them to expand their market and further more to offer another service to their most valuable asset, you the client.

  • 2016

    Staying Competitive

    In order to stay competitive in the market GMC Contractors extended their services to provide electrical & instrumentation to provide a complete service to their clients. In conclusion building a solid reputation for safety, quality and reliability that their clients have come to expect.

Our Team

GMC Contractors Ltd. has networked a core of experienced tradesmen and labour in all phases of construction. Our company, is led by a highly motivated and experienced team of management professionals, are decision-makers with “hands on experience.” We take pride in our accomplishments and further more in the satisfaction of our clients.
Safety Program GMC Contractors Edmonton

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